Makdous pickled stuffed eggplant

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Makdous, مكدوس، مقدوس، a healthy nutritious meal. The eggplant itself is an excellent source of potassium and fibers. The stuffing of the eggplants comprises a tasty combination of healthy ingredients.

The makdous is a speciality of the Middle East, specially Syria, Palestine, Lebanon and Jordan. Originally created by people of Aleppo north of Syria. It is prepared from small eggplants stuffed with a mixture of garlic, chilli paste and walnuts, all soaked in oil. The tangy, spicy taste and the flavour of the eggplant make this speciality an appetizing accompaniment par excellence to aperitifs or for morning or evening brunches.

The Makdous is usually prepared during the eggplant season (summer) as food supply for the household during winter.

Makdous are traditionally eaten with flatbreads as part of a mezze or other little dishes, but it can be also the main breakfast or dinner meal.



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